Story Telling of GO ASTRO BOY GO!

ASTRO from GO ASTRO BOY GO! is the latest ASTRO BOY which has been beloved for a long-time generation globally since its original comics published in 1952, then became animation series in 1963, 1980, 1980 then 2019.

Astro is a robotic child whose physical powers are extraordinary such as a rocket-fueled internal engine with propelled legs to fly and equipped with integrated devices. But, he is just like a 8 year-old human boy, his Ai is still in the process of growing like a kid.

In Go Astro Boy Go! Astro, the super hero, braves the risk to save our earth with his team Astro Kitty, a kitten-type AI, and Suzu, a super intelligent girl. The team Astro go anywhere to help others!

“Our planet earth is as fragile as glass. We have to save it”

Osamu Tezuka, the author of Astro Boy, conveyed his message through his entertainment works to encourage people to make a call to action for the earth. GO ASTRO BOY GO! is based on its philosophy and engages people for good sake.

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