ONESIAM Experience presents the“World Water Festival: The Songkran Phenomena” April 1-30, 2024

A collective of extraordinary Songkran experiences across 5 destinations

Embark on a journey to celebrate Thailand’s iconic Songkran Festival, the Traditional Thai New Year Festival and a UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage” like never before with The ONESIAM Experience 

Greetings to wanderlust spirits and cultural aficionados from around the globe! It’s time to mark your calendars and set your sights on Bangkok, Thailand, for a celebration unlike any other. Welcome to The ONESIAM Experience, where you will Be Amazed by the awe-inspiring beauty of our vibrant processions, where colors dance before your eyes. Be Inspired by the sheer brilliance of dazzling performances that will ignite your spirit. And Be Revolutionized by activities that promise to redefine your journey. A highlight of The ONESIAM Experience.  

Unmissable Highlights at Our 5 Iconic Destinations 


KEY HIGHLIGHT: Join us by the picturesque Chao Phraya River for a Songkran spectacle filled with beauty, tradition, and exhilarating water splashes. The Miss Songkran Parade awaits, along with spellbinding live music performances that promise to stir your soul. 

More to Discover: 

  • Experience long-celebrated Miss Songkran procession 
  • Enjoy water splash festivities by the Chao Phraya River 
  • Catch musical performances by A-list performers 

Siam Paragon: ULTRASONIC WATER FESTIVAL 9-16 April, 2024 

KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Feel the world’s rhythms and let your imagination take flight at our Grand Music Festival. Frolic in a whimsical world with giant inflatable and immersive playground designed by world-renowned artist, “Philip Colbert”, where art and play converge. 

More to Discover:  

  • Marvel in the giant inflatable and immersive playground by Philip Colbert 
  • Groove at the grand Music Festival by JOOX Music 
  • Renew the year with traditional Buddha statue water blessing ritual 

Siam Center: SPLASHTASTIC FUN FEST 1-30 April, 2024 

KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Plunge into an interactive aquatic realm where the traditional splendor of festivities is reimagined with a modern twist. Be the first to witness our exclusive summer collection, where Thai fashion pays homage to the season’s colorful florals via batik tapestries. 

More to Discover: 

  • Discover exclusive summer Batik fashion collection by local Thai designers 
  • Engage in interactive water festivity 
  • Immerse in 3D aquatic wonders and themed decorative installations 

Siam Discovery: THE SUMMER EXPLORATORIUM 3-16 April, 2024 

KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Aim high and embrace your competitive spirit in our exhilarating outdoor basketball tournament. Unleash your inner artist in a vibrant graffiti wonderland by the celebrated “JAYFLOW”, where creativity knows no bounds. 

More to Discover: 

  • Spectate 3×3 outdoor basketball tournament in collaboration with Hoops Station 
  • Witness urban “Splash Energy” graffiti by celebrated artist- JAYFLOW 

Siam Premium Outlets: 

KEY HIGHLIGHT: Wander through outdoor art installations that spark the imagination and ignite creativity. Unlock exclusive tourist offers and discounts, making your Songkran shopping spree as rewarding as it is memorable. 

Special Offer for Tourist: 

  • Spend 4,000 THB with Visa card, get Siam Gift Card 200 THB 
  • Present ONESIAM Tourist Card and spend 10,000 THB, get free Siam Premium Outlets shopping bag  
  • Present Travel Wallet and spend 2,000 THB, get free Thai Tea welcome drink from Oasis Eatery 

Plan Your Songkran Adventure! 

This Songkran, let The ONESIAM Experience guide you through a mosaic of cultural riches, thrilling activities, and breathtaking performances. Each of our destinations offers a unique facet of the Songkran celebration, ensuring that your journey through Bangkok becomes a tapestry of unforgettable memories. 

Pack your bags, bring your spirit of adventure, and join us in Bangkok for a Songkran celebration that transcends the ordinary. The ONESIAM Experience is your gateway to a world where tradition meets innovation, and every moment is a chance to celebrate life in all its vibrant hues. 

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Your Songkran story awaits. Are you ready to be a part of these extraordinary experiences?