A Celebration of Luck, Love & Prosperity

Siam Center Year of the Dragon

Siam Center, the hub of trendy ideas, celebrating 50th anniversary with year-long festivities! Welcoming the golden year of happiness and prosperity with Siam Center Year of the Dragon “A Celebration of Luck, Love & Prosperity”.

Emphasizing the space of innovative ideas for the first time in Thailand! World-class collaboration of “Siam Center x Ken Kelleher”, a well-known American designer known as “Anchor Ball” who has the exhibition features works in both inflatable and installation formats, blending creativity and innovation for the first time in Thailand! Creating Dragon AI-Generated Art, under the theme “Radiant Harmony Dragon”, the dragon dazzles with a myriad of colors, reflecting diversity and the interconnectedness of the community. The dragon’s wings gracefully span, reflecting the acceptance of differences and celebrating a time of joy together. The event is filled with various activities to elevate the festive atmosphere, enhancing love and prosperity amid the decadent Chinese New Year celebration at Siam Center.

February 1, 2024, from 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM at Atrium 1, G floor. Get ready to cheer for the celebrities, Pooh Krittin, and Pavel Naret, the lead actors from “Pit Babe The Series”.

In addition, surprise appearances by renowned artists throughout the festival:

  • February 8, 2024: Rub shoulders with Golf Khemmarat, and Arm Jaturan from the series “One Year”. Together with Sun Natdanai, and Ply Chanakan from the series “Low Frequency”.
  • February 9, 2024: Artists from “Time The Series”, Petch Tutton, and Bass Karan.
  • February 10, 2024: The lead actors from “Likay The Series”, In Intouch, and Zaleng Phitchatee.
  • February 11, 2024: Artists from the new label “WELL THAiLAND” are ready to usher in the new year with Project LightUp 2024

17:00-18:00 at Atrium 1, G Floor.

The Dragon-Go-Round, a huge spinning dragon of love at the center of Siam Center, is ready to spin to bring good luck and prosperity to everyone as its spin.

Personalize AI E-Wallpaper, creating your one-of-a-kind wallpaper with an AI generator system.

The Dragon Candy: Tang Hulu Pop Up, appreciate the sweetness of sugar-coated fruit, the most popular candy nowadays, and cross your fingers for special prizes from the “LUCKY RED LUCKY PINK” activity.

Exclusive for ONESIAM SuperApp customers who got the LUCKY RED will get free ONESIAM Coin 100 Baht. (Limited to only first 100 privileges)

🩷Extra promotion for lucky customers who got the LUCKY PINK get free Cash Coupon of 100 Baht for the restaurants on the 2nd floor, Siam Center. (Only at participating stores limited to 300 privileges)

The Dragon Fortune Teller: Simply shake shake shake and check your fortune with the Digital Luck Stick digital by “Man-Karin Warapat”, an actor and numerology consultant, and check your love horoscopes with Madoodungfortuneteller,” in the Love Star Dome, available in three languages.

Siam Center also includes red items and the Chinese New Year Collection from various brands special at Siam Center only. Including “Siam Center x KANAPOT POP-UP STORE”, “Wacoal x Phannapast Chinese New Year 2024 Pop Up @ Siam Center”, “Ball&Chain Pop Up Store”, and many other famous brands, with promotions of up to 50% off and a chance to win prizes worth over 5 million Baht, enhancing the excitement and splendor throughout the year.

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with Siam Center “A Celebration of Luck, Love & Prosperity”.

1 Febuary, 2024 – 29 Febuary, 2024 at Atruim 1, G Floor, Siam Center.
At Atrium 1, Level G, Siam Center