Got bored with Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong?

Dine, Love and Enjoy! At Siam Paragon

Got bored with Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong?
There are plenty of delicious dishes out there that we love you to try, including Thai popular dishes, Thai premium menus, and spicy E-sarn food.

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1. Steamed Crab Curry at Midtown Thai

“Steamed Crab Meat Curry” aka Hor Mok Pu has perfectly blended tastes among Thai spices, fresh and sweet crab meat, then adding the unique scent of banana leaf for another level of Thai savory. Available at Midtown Thai, Fl. 4, Siam Paragon.
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2. Thai-Style grilled chicken at Chilli Thai Restaurant

“Thai-style grilled chicken” aka Kai-Yang is chicken marinated with turmeric and all kinds of Thai spices, then grilled for special scent, well-tendered meat, and crispy skin. Enjoy the dish with “Nam Jim Jaew”, Thai chili dipping sauce, and the typical tastes of sour tamarind, salty, sweet, and local crunchy flavor at Chilli Thai Restaurant, G Floor, Siam Paragon.

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3. Spicy Papaya Salad with Salted Egg at SanSab

Spicy Papaya Salad aka Som Tum is Thai all-time favorite dish with a variety of seasoning choices. Enjoy the sweet, sour, salty, and crispy textures of papaya and the crunchy flavor of Thai salted egg. Don’t miss to have Som Tum with Thai Sticky Rice (Kaw Niew) for the perfect combination. If you love spicy, highly recommended tossing more chili for tangy Thai dressing. Available at San Sab, Fl. 4, Siam Paragon.

4. Crispy Fried Whole Sea Bass with Garlic Peppercorn and Herbs at Nara Thai Cuisine

“Crispy Fried Whole Sea Bass with Garlic Peppercorn and Herbs” aka Pla Ka Phong Chao Sua is fresh Seabass Snapper pan-fried with Nara’s secret black pepper sauce of garlic, red chili, black pepper, green onion, etc. that has been passed through generations. We are ready to serve you every day at Nara Thai Cuisine, G Floor, Siam Paragon.

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5. Thai Pork Satay at SEE FAH

Thai Pork Satay (Moo Satay) is SEE FAH’s specialty. The big piece of tendered pork is well marinated in rich spices, and perfectly put into sticks and grilled to serve with house-secret sauce. Enjoy SEE FAH’s famous menu with traditional sweet, crunchy, and salty tastes that no one else is like. At See FAH, we guarantee you 80 years of legendary experience.

Available at SEE FAH (สีฟ้า), Fl. 4, Siam Paragon.