“Love has no distance” A song from the hearts of everybody who are staying apart.

Dare to be far apart ... with strength of strong hearts.

When we dare to be apart, getting through the corona virus crisis together with strong hearts. All for ourselves, our loved ones and all the people around us. We are happy to not meet each other. We don’t need to be near each other, not touching each other, we're keeping some distance to keep everyone safe.

We may not see each other during the weekends.
We may not be holding each other’s hands.
We may not be hugging one another.

Because… the love that we have is enough
The love will give us strength
The love will find ways to care
And at the end, the love transcends all

The distance cannot keep us apart And we believe

“Because love has no distance. Only we have each other in our hearts, is like we are still close.”

Shopping centers under the OneSiam Group including Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and ICONSIAM want to create the good feelings as a way to encourage and spread the love to all people around the world with a song for all the feelings during this time.

The artists that share the same love as us are Poh Yokee Playboy (Khun Piya Sastrawaha) who is happy to contribute the words from his heart through the melody to tell everyone that "Love has no distance" because "Love never loses to any distance". Khun Poh also invited 3 of his close friends in the music industry; ‘Pod’ (Khun Thanachai Ujjin), ‘Nop’ (Khun Nop Ponchamni) and ‘Boy’ (Khun Trai Bhumiratna) to co-write the song, produce and sing this song together.

The song "Love has No Distance" with chorus sang by four artists. Khun Poh designed the song to allow each part of the song to flow to the rhythm from this event, as we encounter difficult events, making us separated from the person we love. The song began with Khun Poh’s chorus, and then taking over by Khun Boy. As the event is about to turn, uncertainty will begin to pass away. The chorus will be an optimistic voice of Khun Nop’s as a way to give encouragement. Finally, when love has proven that we can look after each other, and that ‘Love has no distance’. Khun Pod will be the singer to tell everyone that "When encountering problems, all obstacles will soon pass, we will go together until it’s passed.”

Like all four artists truly felt from their hearts..
“Our love will overcome everything and our love will win over the corona virus. We will pass through this crisis… together”

Shopping malls under the OneSiam Group and ICONSIAM are pleased to support the spirit in everyone.
We believe that "Our love will overcome everything. And love will overcome the corona virus. We will pass through this crisis… together."

Please join Siam Piwat to express love and gratitude to our heroes - doctors and nurses all over the country who are fighting tirelessly to save us by donating to “The Thai Red Cross Society To Fight Against Covid”

“Love can conquer all and love has no distance. Just believe in love and we will pass through all problems.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a transfer to SCB Thai Red Cross Society account “The Thai Red Cross Society To Fight Against Covid” , account number 045-304722-9 from today to 30 June 2020

Credits: Artists: Thanachai Ujjin, Nop Ponchamni, Piya Sastrawaha and Trai Bhumiratna
Producer: Piya Sastrawaha
Lyrics: Piya Sastrawaha and Trai Bhumiratna
Music Composer : Piya Sastrawaha
Music Arrangement: Piya Sastrawaha and Sutust Phetmee
Orchestral Music Design: Sutust Phetmee
Guitarist: Yannasit Srisasiwilai
Vocal Supervising: Piya Sastrawaha and Nop Ponchamni
Mix and Mastering: Krit Viryasiri
Vocal Recording at DYNAMIC Studio