Pride Month Celebration with Hot Items

Representing Yourself from Leading Brands!

Reveal your hotness, burst your cheer, and show your own pride in Pride Month, with the special collections and trendy items that the leading brands release to tell different stories of individualities through rainbow-colored fashion and lifestyle items. It’s time to destroy the wall, and freely present your own uniqueness without barriers, with elements that best represent yourself at Siam Center.

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This fragrant and colorful blast will relax every of your bath hour. It’s a Unicorn Poop bath bomb with various colors portraying the rainbow individuals. You will feel refreshed and lively by just immersing yourself in warm water with your favorite bath bomb. Wherever you are, you can fully set your heart free with this unforgettable delight.

Let’s celebrate Pride Month, the month of pride for the diverse gender community LGBTQ+, with the special collection’s T-shirt. It comes in 7 colors representing the symbol flag. Plus, the unicorn brand logo stitched onto the T-shirt is shown amid the rainbow embodying LGBTQ+.

Because everybody is different, regardless of gender, color, race, age, preference, or religion. The important element is the ‘equality’ to live in the society. Celebrate the month of equality and show your own uniqueness with various items showing rainbow color layers. The colors are also converted to designs on the logo, shirt collars, and print patterns. You can choose items to your heart’s content, ranging from shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, to accessories such as bags and caps.

Celebrate the month of diversity with sweet fragrances that help add to your alluring charm. Feel soft at every touch with the latest collection BUBBLY ROSE, the sexy aroma is suitable for all genders and hyaluronic acid will make your skin soft, moisturized, and shimmering all day long.

Victoria’s Secret
Splash your whole body with a pleasing scent and lusciously boost your confidentiality with the best-seller Victoria’s Secret fine fragrance, Love. The perfume brings in unisex aroma for all genders, giving freshness, refreshment, and a little bit of playfulness and sexiness. Simply spray yourself with the perfume, you will gain confidence and be ready to fully free your heart.

Invent a special moment with the unique scents of Pawis which are created from Thai fragrances. With beneficial natural essential oils, it will create a sense of luxury and modernity. When mixed with sour ripeness of grapefruits, plums, and pears, it will provide unrivalled deep relaxation.

Keep calm, stay away from turmoil, and free your body with ‘aromatherapy’. Our Blend Natural Essential Oils exude 5 fragrances in 5 different styles. Apart from aiding you in sleeping, this will also freshen and revive yourself, increase concentration on working, and generate comfortable vibes when entering a new place. Plus, you can change the fragrances according to your moods and needs, as well as giving it as a present to your special ones.