ICONCRAFT lines up Thai chic items, and gives back to local communities.

Fl. 3, Siam Discovery

ICONCRAFT, an area of inspiration gathering the best craft pieces from Thai craftsmen across the country as well as creative and modern Thai craft brands with full streams of inspiration, is ready to showcase Thai pride of creativities and local wisdom which are refined from Thai handicrafts. Every single piece of them will help support and enable sustainability among local communities in Thailand in never stop proudly pursuing their growth.

Besides Thai customers, visitors from around the world also adore appreciating for the uniqueness of each craft product. The fascinating pieces are perfectly blended with modernity and Thainess, ranging from stylish handbags, light wicker bags, marvelous accessories, hilltribe wood furniture, handmade textiles, and Thai farmers’ handmade coffee. Come explore Thai modern craft products today, available on Fl. 3, Siam Discovery, and Fl. 4-5, ICONSIAM.

Special for tourists! Get 5-30% Discount, plus 5% Top Up Discount at the department store, plus up to 6% Vat Refund for any tourists presenting Tourist Card. To apply for Tourist Card, click: https://bit.ly/3CL13fq

Thai unique inhaler, “ANONA”, presents aromatic and herbal handmade products with unique Thai designs on each item. The products are specially blended from natural ingredients for perfect scents of aromatherapy.

FLOW: As Flower Necklace Collection
The brass necklaces and pendants are inspired by florals, 24 inches in length. Color: Silver. Size: XL

AIBELLE: Tassel Earrings – Violet Blossom
Product details: The festive tassel earrings would match your everyday look to feel more confidently colorful and original. Bring positivity to the summer by wearing these earrings. Material: Cotton, Polyester. Size: L. 8 cm. x W. 3 cm.

“SALETE”, handbags represent the fun and perfect combination of Thai silk and genuine leather as extinguished contemporary craft pieces. The unique gimmick is fit for everyday lifestyle and well matched with various lookbooks.

Besides their tender scents, “Butterfly Thai Perfume” also brings stories from Thai good old days back to life, as if a butterfly flattering the beautiful scents for you. Come experience these Thai scents that are divinely aromatic at ICONCRAFT, Fl. 3, Siam Discovery.