Vegetarian Festival 2020

At ONESIAM, 9 Best Veggie restaurants

Enjoy delicious vegetarian menus and make your merit. Celebrate 2020 Vegetarian Fest at Siam Paragon.

9 Best Vegetarian Restaurants introducing a variety of vegetarian main dishes and desserts, with special promotions for you throughout October 2020.

G Floor, Siam Paragon:

Another Hound Café >> 17-25OCT’20 ONLY
All kinds of vegan menus, including salad, spaghetti, rice, and dessert menus.

Chilli Thai >> 1-31OCT’20
Enjoy 12 Thai-Isaan-style spicy menus.

Boon Tong Kee >> 17-25OCT’20 ONLY
9 vegan menus including main courses and a la carte menus.

Coffee Beans by Dao >> 16-25OCT’20 ONLY
Our gourmet vegan menus are guaranteed by house master chefs.

Azabu Sabo >> 16-25OCT’20 ONLY
Enjoy authentic Japanese taste of sweet and icy gelato.

KOI Thé >> Oat Milk Series 5OCT-5NOV’20 / Bubble Soy Milk 12-31OCT’20
Vegan lovers don’t miss. Enjoy various choices of famous pearl tea.

Cha Tra Mue >> 5-31OCT’20 ONLY
Refreshening your soul with Teas and Gaba Soy Milk, the best match for your healthy break.

4th Floor, Siam Paragon:

See Fah >> 10-31OCT’20
Get healthy and enjoy authentic vegan menus with renown restaurant from Surawong Road, See Fah Restaurant.

San Sab>> 16-25OCT’20
Meet a variety of vegan menus in Thai-Isaan style.
Get healthy and make merit by having vegan menus throughout October at Siam Paragon.

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