Traveler’s Choice Award 2022

Siam Paragon was granted by Tripadvisor

Siam Paragon was granted Traveler’s Choice Award 2022 by Tripadvisor. It’s one of the most influential and transparent online platforms in the world that introduce tourist attractions. It’s also trusted by numerous travelers.

Siam Paragon’s achievement as a leader of shopping experiences and “World Class Shopping Destination” is confirmed. The center comprehensively gathers most services including shopping, entertainment, tourist attractions, high-end brands, and world-famous restaurants.

Traveler’s Choice awards honor business accounts such as hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and beyond, based on consecutive positive review comments. Only 10% of the business accounts will be given the awards. Triadvisor only presents the awards to the eligible entrepreneurs that constantly provide excellent experiences to travelers. The reviews are collected qualitatively and quantitatively over a 12-month period.

Siam Paragon is complete with an abundance of global products, ranging from luxury items to other merchandise for all lifestyles such as fashion, housewares, spa treatments, luxury cars, toys, stereos, electric appliances, furniture, and home decorations. Also, there’re tourist attractions like SEALIFE, the Department Store zone that offers a variety of items, the premium Gourmet Market that meet housewives’ needs with international and quality products, and Gourmet Food Hall.

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