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Special! Convert VIZ POINTS to VIZ COINS, Get More 10%

First Time Ever! ONESIAM, SUPERAPP connect 4 world-class shopping malls, and over 1,000 top brands just in your hands. We connect the online shopping world, feed latest trendy bespoke lifestyle, and introduce special experiences from all luxury brands just for you.

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Get More! Extra VIZ Coins when shopping on ONESIAM SUPERAPP or at participating campaign shops in Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam discovery and ICONSIAM.
  • Get More 150 Extra VIZ Coins* when spending at 3,000 THB or more per receipt from participating shops (Except Luxury Fashion), limit 10,000 rights throughout the campaign
  • Get More 2,00 Extra VIZ Coins** when spending at 100,000 THB or more per receipt from participating shops (Only Luxury Fashion), limit 500 rights throughout the campaign
Redeem Your Happiness Everyday!

Special for VIZ CARD Cardholder, Happening 9 DEC ’21-31 JAN ‘22

Redeem your “VIZ Coins”, Get special price item and 2 step privilege
👉Step 1 : Redeem Exclusive Price Item*

  • Air Pod3 from Ai shop value 6,790 THB, when redeeming 5,500 VIZ Coins (limit first 10 persons).
  • AROMATHERAPY SHOWER from THANN value 650 THB, when redeeming 450 VIZ Coins (limit first 20 persons).
👉STEP 2 : Redeem Discount Coupon*
  • Discount Coupon value 500 THB from JUMBO Seafood, when redeeming 250 VIZ Coins (limit first 100 persons)
  • Discount Coupon value 200 THB from Maji Curry , when redeeming 100 VIZ Coins (limit first 100 persons)
*/**Limit maximum 2,150 VIZ Coins/member/ 4 malls, Total 10,500 rights throughout the campaign
*/** Extra VIZ Coins can be used in 6 months by counting after the month in which purchases are accumulated