No. 1 among the World Best’ 50 Dishes 2020 by CNN Travel

The menu is now available at SIAM PARAGON!

🍲Thai food is ranked No. 1 among the World Best’ 50 Dishes 2020 by CNN Travel, and this is the testament for One More Reason to visit Thailand”!

【The menu is now available at SIAM PARAGON!】

😍Siam Paragon proudly presents Massaman Curry from Thailand, No.1 Dish ranked among the World Best’ 50 Dishes 2020 by CNN Travel. The perfect aromatic blend of spicy, coconutty, sweet, and nutty savory featuring the dish as emphatically the king of curries, and perhaps the king of all foods.”—Quoted by CNN Travel.

Thailand’ renowned dish, Tom Yum Goong, also ranked No. 8 among the World Best’ 50 Dishes 2020 by CNN travel for it’s perfect combination of fresh, spicy, and sour tastes!

👍 Enjoy both Thailand’s world-class menus, at Siam Paragon. 👍

📍 Enjoy your Beef Massaman Curry at Chilli Thai Restaurant, G Fl. Highlight is premium beef imported from Australia, authentically cooked in Thai style. We serve the upper level of premium dishes.

📍Taling Pling Restaurant, G. Fl., featuring authentic Thai dishes, including Pork Massaman Curry with Bitter Orange Juice served with Roti Bread, and Stewed Autrian Beef Ribs in Massaman Curry served with Roti Bread.

📍 If you don’t eat beef, we recommend Luk Kai Thong Restaurant, Fl. 4. Highlighted menu is Duck Massaman Curry, enjoy the tender duck meat in Massaman Curry with aromatic Jasmine Rice.

📍At Coffee Beans by Dao, G Fl., is famous not only for house desserts, but also flavorful dishes, like Mussaman Chicken & Roasted Peanut Curry, serving chicken legs and thighs, the most tender part of chicken, with one of a kind roasted peanut curry. Sweet, coconutty, salty, and savory.

📍 Enjoy a variety of food at Laem Charoen Seafood Restaurant, Fl. 4. Highlights are Tom Yum Goong, Tom Yum Seafood, and mores. We serve a variety of spicy and savory dishes, with over 40 years of experiences. 👏👏

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