Ecotopia: A New Definition of Green Minds

Ecotopia on 3rd floor Siam Discovery

Ecotopia: A New Definition of Green Minds

Come Here and Go Green Together! Ecotopia on 3rd floor Siam Discovery

“Together, we co-create a better world” is a commitment Siam Discovery has made to bring better changes to the Earth. The better world will materialize when we reduce waste, reuse materials more, look at the nature with new perspectives, and create value from waste. Let’s do these things together from today!

To make environmental care easier and more relevant to city lifestyles, Ecotopia brings together 12 prominent conservationists namely Pasuthara & Ali, Patom, Uncleree Farm, Fashion Revolution, Tamda, SackItem, 3WheelsUncle, DrChompunuchWarakulwit (Green Chemist), Local Aroi, Precious Plastic, Environman and Vip Nopanit. While specializing in different fields, they all are committed to green efforts.

Come here and you will find eight environmentally-friendly zones that can never be found elsewhere in Thailand. In each zone, you will discover quality products from the most popular eco brands.

  1. Hygienic zone features cleaning products that are made of natural ingredients or are biodegradable.
  2. Beautiful zone presents bio beauty skincare products or organic skincare items, which use natural extracts/organic plants and stay clear of both dangerous chemicals and animal testing.
  3. Zero-Waste zone offers Refill choices for your everyday life. You are welcome to bring your own bottles or packaging so that you can help reduce waste in the world.
  4. Stylish zone encourages you to consider eco-friendly fiber before buying any fashion product. Come here to explore outfits that are made of organic fiber and fabric scraps. Interestingly, this zone has clothes swap services available via which you can easily turn in your old clothes for new environmentally-friendly pieces.
  5. Green zone promises to make your home even more pleasant to live in. In the zone are a variety of plants that will purify air and add green space to your place.
  6. Healthy zone offers organic food ingredients for your good health. Hailed from organic farms, they are definitely safe choices and free from chemical contamination.
  7. Kind zone features items that underline the country’s valuable crafts and local wisdom. Purchases of products here give income to remote communities. It is a way to pay back society and create a better world. Check out these products at Phufa and Doitung shops.
  8. Upcycled zone showcases cool lifestyle/fashion products that are made of recycled materials.

The grand opening of Ecotopia on 3rd floor Siam Discovery will take place on 11 August 2020.

Ecotopia opens its green town for a green mind like you.

Music and arts by Note Panayanggool and Pae of TAM:DA will enliven then Ecotopia event. Famous green minds will also appear on stage to share inspiring stories as to why they have jumped on green bandwagon.

Eco-friendly products at special prices!

11 August 2020 – 31 August 2020

  • Enjoy up to 20% discount on selected items
  • Get Bt200 discount voucher for a minimum purchase of Bt2,000 per receipt between 11 Aug 2020 and 31 Aug 2020.
  • VIZ members get Bt200 worth of Siam Gift Card when buying at least Bt1,000 of Ecotopia products per receipt between 11 Aug 2020 and 16 Aug 2020.
  • Receive Bt100 Cash Coupon when registering participation in Ecotopia launch on 11 Aug 2020.
  • More Privileges from leading credit-card issuers


Together, we co-create a better world

Siam Discovery