“10 Years” with “Recycled Christmas Trees”

Happiness Destination Made of Recycled Materials at Discovery Plaza, Siam Discovery

“10 Years” with “Recycled Christmas Trees”, Happiness Destination Made of Recycled Materials at Discovery Plaza, Siam Discovery

It’s well-known that the eco-friendly notion and innovations Siam Discovery has always presented include all the angles of new lifestyle, as well as “the Christmas tree” at the end of each year. ONESIAM would like to invite you to go back through the time of happiness together with “the ecofriendliness” of “Siam Discovery” from 2010 to present.


The idea to reduce global warming for the Christmas tree in 2010 was from used metal sheets, carved into long words telling feelings and inspirations, wrapped around the tree. Also, snowflakes were made of the bottoms of 6,000 used plastic bottles and used colorful plastic straws, which had been cleaned before decoration.


In the following year, Siam Piwat collaborated with The Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited and the Coca-Cola group in Thailand, our nature-lover partners, to create the happiness for the year’s end 2011 with the 8-meter-tall Christmas tree. It’s made of Coke and Fanta bottles that could be recycled. They were tied together making a ball shape in different sizes. Participants could also ride on an interactive bicycle that would generate electricity to light bulbs on the gigantic Christmas tree, as a gimmick giving illumination that was rhymed with the bicycle.


The huge eco-friendly Christmas tree was made of 50,000 “plastic water bottles” which had been donated from the shopping mall’s customers and other people. The tree shone brightly night and day. It was even more dazzling when it’s reflected with lights at night, creating a charming and unique piece of art and brining happiness to onlookers.


“Hope from Scrap Metal” is the definition of the design “Revive” initiated from the upward spiral pattern of Christmas trees, representing prosperity and fortunate new encounters. The scrap metal was from around thousands of hardware materials in which each piece was 12 cm wide and 1.2 meters long. They were folded to form a spiral and joined together. The tree was decorated with a star on top. When you were hopeless, but after looking at the Christmas tree made from scrap, you would see the revival to the valuable and meaningful life.


“TV Recycle Xmas Tree” utilized old TVs by arranging them into a Christmas tree with the dimensions 7 meters x 3.5 meters. The arrangement focused on creating differences, dimensions, outstanding gimmicks, and interests. Plus, LED screens were installs around the tree to display sound and vision. People could count down to the new year on December 31 through the screens with the dazzling sound and vision of the celebration. This represented the transformation from the past to welcoming the positive new beginning in the following year.


After a two-year hiatus in holding festivities, at the end of 2017 Siam Discovery was back to fulfill Thai people with happiness again. This time we collaborated with PTTGC in reusing plastic waste to create the Christmas tree “Upcycling Xmas”. The tree was spectacular as it was 5 meters tall, and came with a 3.60-meter-tall white bear made of plastic bags. In the same year, the company also had “Trash to Treasure Machine” located in Siam Center for people to drop plastic bottles. PTTGC would then recycle the bottles as fashion products in order to stimulate environmental consciousness.


The gigantic 10-meter-tall eco-friendly Christmas tree was made of used CD boxes, under the concept Festival of Light. The CD boxes were used because humanity’s entertainment is listening to music and the music industry had changed to online listening, leaving CD boxes as garbage. After the event, the CD boxes and all the plastic products were recycled as litter bins. The remaining plastic scrap was also then recycled with the collaboration between Siam Piwat and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited.


The only air-purifier Christmas tree in the world. The effect of PM 2.5 brought the idea of this eco-friendly Christmas tree. It was decorated with 1,000 white pin wheels made from biodegradable materials, each pin wheel was 70 cm long and 50 cm wide. The Eco Christmas tree was even more extraordinary as there were also 4 air purifiers installed. These are ‘IonFresh electrostatic air purifiers’ designed for outdoor usage and could help filter dust smaller than 2.5 microns. The creation of 2019 Eco Christmas was a collaboration between Siam Discovery and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited.


The eco-friendly Christmas tree is created and named The Treecycle of Joy. It is neatly made of more than 10,000 recycled aluminum cans. It is also decorated with colorful lights for better illumination at night under the concept “The Moment of Joy Celebration 2021”. The aluminum cans can be 100% recycled. Inside the tree, it is built as a kaleidoscope to boost more fun for The Moment of Joy. Instagrammers should not miss checking in and sharing the idea of The Moment of Joy from The Treecycle of Joy that Siam Discovery would like to offer until January 5, 2021.

The joyful new year’s celebrations Siam Discovery has constantly brought to you do not only present extraordinary charm, or only bring pleasure in shopping, but also reflect the fact that things once used are not always trash, they can rather be reused in various forms, such as the Christmas trees that we created each year. It’s an activity that the company intends to help promote and instill the public conscience of ecofriendliness in Thailand. Plus, we would like to keep your spirits up and bring you smiles, so that you will welcome the new year with happiness and share the joy with others.