Best Luxury Shopping Mall 2022

Siam Piwat has reaffirmed its leadership in the global luxury market

Siam Piwat has reaffirmed its leadership in the global luxury market as Siam Paragon won the Best Luxury Shopping Mall 2022 at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards – a prestigious award for the luxury industry. The accolade testifies to Siam Piwat’s success as a developer of “world-class shopping destinations” that bring together shopping, entertainment, and tourist attractions and boast one of the comprehensive arrays of stores of high-end brands and world-class restaurants.

Siam Piwat is all set to deliver a distinct luxury lifestyle that resonates with customers in as aspects. The award also demonstrates the success of Siam Piwat’s commitment to its vision as the Visionary Icon who strives towards excellence in every dimension and the highest business standard in order to maintain its leadership among Thailand’s most affluent customers and sustain its robust synergy with partners, stores, and retailers in order to deliver experiences beyond expectation and better meet customer needs.

Siam Paragon is the world-class lifestyle center of various Luxury Items and all kinds of lifestyles, including fashions, home décors, spa treatments, supercars, toys for kids, audio equipment, electrical appliances, furniture, restaurants from around the world, as well as tourist attractions including SEALIFE, Department Store Zone, and Gourmet Market and Gourmet Food Hall – the premium market with top quality import goods.

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