One Day Activities at Siam Paragon

Recommended activities besides shopping

No doubt that Siam Paragon, the world-class shopping center is second to none for your ultimate shopping experience. We offer a variety of selections ranging from Luxury Top Brands to Everyday Lifestyle items. All kinds of brandname apparel, top cosmetics, jewelry, and genuine leather goods are gathered at Siam Paragon.

Today we would like to recommend some other activities instead of shopping for your ultimate experiences at Siam Paragon.

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1. Explore underwater world at SEALIFE BANGKOK

SEALIFE BANGKOK, located in the heart of Bangkok, ranked as the largest aquarium in South East Asia. The landmark featured over 8,000 of different species on display. Enjoy various activities including walking through spectacular Underwater Tunnels, exciting ride on Glass Bottom Boat, getting close to schools of fish, discovering Rainforest Adventure, and checking out ever-so-cute Penguins at SEALIFE, B Floor, Siam Paragon.

2.Take a rest, enjoy tea and dessert tasting at The Mandarin Oriental

With a refined atmosphere rich in gourmet history of world-class hotel chain The Mandarin Oriental Shop offers a range of mouth-watering selections including croissants, breads, macarons, scones, and various kinds of cakes. We highly recommend “Mushroom and Black Truffle Turnover” and aromatic tea delicacies.
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Location: Siam Paragon, G floor

3. Retreat yourself at Dii

Highlight at Dii Aesthetic is the creation for one-of-a-kind beauty with natural holistic treatment and modern innovation. We provide a variety of quality services, including facial and skin treatments, slimming treatments, hair removal and hair transplant, as well as other beauty treatments with latest technology, in accordance with Dii name, of which D is for DNA and Divana while ii are for Integration and Innovation.

We proudly introduce Vitamin C self care experience, with Clinical Grade supplementary products to rejuvenate body cells, namely Dii No.4 P-Acnisol, for your perfect acne skin treatment and rash soothing. Main ingredients are Kiwi, Jasmine Rice, and Centella Asiatica

Advance your beauty internally and externally at Dii Aesthetic new branch! Bright Space Zone, Fl. 4, South Zone, Siam Paragon.

4. Select the freshness and sweetness of tropical fruit at Gourmet Market

Don’t miss myriads of delicious tropical fruits, with all kinds of flavors from yummy sweet and sour mangoes, juicy mangosteens, sweet pomelos, etc. Select premium delicacies of local fruits, and authentic Thai desserts for you and beloved ones.
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Gourmet Market, G Floor, Siam Paragon.

5. Enjoy movie and 5-star food service delivered to you by butler

The world’s one-and-only stylish cinema introducing five-star service with comfortable double sofa bed seats, blankets, and premium silk pillows. Main dishes, beverages, and snacks are available for your ultimate entertainment.

Enjoy comfortable reclining sofa bed with surround sound and service by your personal butler during your movie. Finest food from Play Café is exclusively available at Paragon Cineplex and craft cocktails are open for your selection at ENIGMA: The Shadow Screen, Fl. 6, Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon.